FAQs about bail bonds

What is bail?Hands protruding from jail cell

Bail is when someone is in jail and money is posted for their release. When an individual is arrested in Las Vegas, Clark County or Henderson, they will be allowed a bail hearing that will determine whether the defendant will be entitled to bail based on various factors. If the court analyzes the severity of the crime, sees that the defendant will not be considered a danger to society and there is no flight risk, the defendant will likely be able to make bail.

Afterwards, if the defendant does not show for their scheduled court date, they will forfeit their bail.

How does bail work in Las Vegas?

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What is an indemnitor?

An indemnitor is a person who signs for the defendant guaranteeing that the defendant will show for court every time there is a hearing, until the case is closed or the bond is exonerated.

Who is the defendant?

The defendant is the person who was arrested and placed in jail.

What is premium?

A premium is the fee we charge for the bail bonds service in Las Vegas. This fee is typically nonrefundable.

What is collateral?

Collateral is something of value that the defendant or the indemnitor temporarily releases ownership of in order to secure the bond. This can be a title to a vehicle, a deed to a house, or even jewels and gold. The collateral is able for return once the bond is exonerated.

What is exoneration?

When the court releases the bond, this is called exoneration. This happens when the judge decides to release the bond or close the case. Once we receive the official copy of the exonerated bond, collateral can be released .